REAL LIFE TEST is an immersive, physical theatre work which plunges audiences into the center of a dystopian world where past and future collide with dizzying force. Exploring themes of governmental control, gender expression and the desire for self identification, the work questions whether an inherent price must be paid in order to achieve a fully integrated and equal society. Over the course of two hours, audiences are free to explore the highly detailed, sprawling world - encountering performers in group, duet and one-on-one scenarios.  

I left Real Life Test massively impressed, and a little shaken...It’s an extremely well done production with a vibe as compelling as it is foreboding. This show totally captures the tone of ‘1984’ — the grim, furtive pleasures, the overbearing sense of looming dread, the sudden violence, the claustrophobic paranoia.

                        -John Staton, Wilmington Star-News